3 tips to use massage gun eliminates muscle soreness

3 tips to use massage gun eliminates muscle soreness

The massage gun can effectively eliminate muscle soreness.

You may not feel it right after you exercise, but the next day, your whole body muscles are painful. While enduring the pain, you feel good about yourself and want to say: And you start to figure out whether you should enter today’s exercise, while enjoying this “lactic acid accumulation” The side effects. However, new studies in recent years have found that muscle soreness after exercise is not necessarily caused by the accumulation of lactic acid! Are you confused when you see this? Today, I will take you to study what is lactic acid accumulation.

What is muscle lactic acid?

Lactic acid gives people a bad impression. They always think that it is a “waste” caused by overworked body. When we are physically active, the body will decompose glucose to obtain energy from oxygen; when we are doing vigorous, anaerobic exercise, when the amount of oxygen in the body is lacking, lactic acid is a kind of energy that can be produced without oxygen, which can replace oxygen. Break down glucose for energy. Usually the reason for the accumulation of lactic acid is that the accumulation rate is too fast! It is faster than the actual consumption rate, so the excess lactic acid will be accumulated in the body.

Is accumulation of lactic acid a bad thing?

When everyone mistakenly believed that lactic acid was a bad product, there were different opinions: “In fact, lactic acid helps to suppress fatigue and helps to use the energy stored in the mitochondria. In the wrong concept, lactic acid accumulation is used to measure The degree of fatigue during and after exercise. In fact, there are more detailed studies on the structure of lactic acid, so it can be known that it is not waste energy under fatigue.”

Will lactic acid accumulate in the body for a long time, causing muscle soreness?

In fact, in the study of sports medicine journals, lactic acid will return to normal within one hour after exercise. In addition, research in The Physician and Sports Medicine also pointed out that the time lactic acid stays in the body after exercise is not long enough to cause soreness. What causes muscle soreness is usually the phenomenon of “delayed onset muscle soreness”.

Accumulation of lactic acid may cause “lactic acidosis”?

As we said above, the changes in the body caused by lactic acid can quickly return to normal. However, when the body has hidden diseases or abnormalities, the lactic acid cannot be discharged normally, which may lead to lactic acidosis (Lactic Acidosis). Lactic acidosis is one of the most common symptoms of metabolic acidosis. When lactic acidosis makes the pH of the body unable to be neutralized, the PH value in the arteries decreases, which is an acute complication of most diabetic patients. It will make the patient anemia, dizziness and nausea, severely may cause myocardial infarction and shock.

The truth about muscle soreness after exercise is delayed muscle soreness

Now that we all know that the real culprit of muscle soreness is not the accumulation of lactic acid, we have to understand what is “delayed muscle soreness” (DOMS). When the muscle is slightly torn after exercise, it will swell the muscle and cause pain. In order to quickly reduce symptoms, the body will produce a large number of white blood cells (prostaglandins) to repair muscles.

If the muscles contract concentrically during exercise (muscle contracted but shortened), it means that you will feel tired quickly, but you can quickly recover your strength; if the muscles contracted eccentrically (muscle contracted but extended) during exercise, such as weight training or downhill Running, this may cause “delayed muscle soreness.”

Delayed muscle soreness mainly occurs in the following situations. Increase the intensity, frequency, and length of exercise, or if you have not exercised for a long time, suddenly pick up your enthusiasm for exercise! Believe me, the first day is not very good, but all you have to do is to warm up enough. However, compared with the warm-up before exercise, it is necessary to wake up the muscles of the whole body. What should I do at this time? Of course, it is to use a massage gun to warm up the muscles of the whole body.

The massage gun is more precise and deeper for the relaxation of muscles and fascia. It can effectively prevent and relieve delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after exercise, reduce muscle and bone strain, promote local blood circulation and improve overall sports performance. I always thought that using a massage gun after exercise was to expel lactic acid from the muscles.

Lactic acid, which has always been misunderstood by everyone, is actually a product produced by the body to restore energy under hypoxia. The main cause of muscle soreness is that delayed muscle soreness (DOMS) cannot completely avoid this condition. It is necessary to warm up before exercise and use a fascia gun to wake up the muscles. Relaxation and stretching after exercise can reduce muscle delay. The pain caused by soreness!

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