(Profession) How to Choose Deep Tissue Massage Gun?

(Profession) How to Choose Deep Tissue Massage Gun?

In the fast-paced life of the city, many people improve their physical fitness through fitness and can expand their life circle. But after the exercise, people will feel muscle soreness, most of them will unconsciously beat the muscle soreness, so that the muscles achieve a relaxing effect, but on the other hand, it increases the muscle load on the arm. Then let’s talk about How to Choose Deep Tissue Massage Gun and how to buy it.


Massage gun principle

The fascia gun can also be understood as a powerful deep tissue massage gun. The main principle is to stimulate the fascia to relax through high-frequency vibration, through muscle conduction, and promote tissue blood circulation or relieve muscle tension. At the beginning, they were used during the rest period of the competition athletes, providing efficient recovery, helping the body’s muscle groups to adjust to the best competitive state, and then through the mass production of the market to reduce manufacturing costs. But how to choose one that suits you among many products has become a problem.

Here are a few steps to help you how to choose a massage gun quickly.

1. Own situation: whether it is used for a long time

If you haven’t touched the fascia gun before, it’s just fun, you can choose a cheap massage gun, but if you like long-term use like fitness coaches or sports athletes, then you are very It is necessary to choose a professional massage gun.

2. Motor

If you want the fascia gun to have a longer life, you need to consider whether it uses a brushed or brushless motor, and the motor is the core of the massage gun core. This also directly leads to noise problems, overall weight, service life, etc. produced by the fascia gun.

The most important component motor of the deep tissue massage gun directly affects the strength and speed. At present, the mainstream mainstream brands are 24V brushless motors, of which Remalax’s MG 2.0 voltage is as high as 28V. Brushed motors are more commonly used in equipment such as hair dryers, motors, cooker hoods, etc., which have a short service life, which will bring greater load due to fast startup speed, higher power consumption, greater friction, but low cost; brushless motors Most of them are used in aeromodelling and precision instruments. The relatively demanding environment is relatively high. Due to the large resistance, the starting load is small and more energy-saving. The most typical ones are inverter air conditioners and refrigerators. Because of the low friction of brushless, the operation is smoother and the noise is also low.

3. Gear

In fact, it depends on the gear. The mainstream brands are 3 to 5 which are more suitable for first-time users and advanced people. Remalax will also achieve 20 gears, but the current 3 to 5 gears are sufficient. Most people use it without having to spend too much money on the grade of the stall. The mainstream amplitude is 10mm enough to meet the public fitness training crowd. Remalax PRO 3.0 is up to 16mm and has a deeper reach, which is more suitable for professional athletes. (Pay attention to people with small muscle volume, do not choose a fascia gun with too large amplitude, so as not to hit the bone with too deep amplitude)

4. Rotating speed

At present, the nominal peak speed of the motor with a market amplitude of 10mm is currently at 3200 rpm.

5. Battery life

The normal use of the brand can be maintained for about 4 hours, but the Remalx massage gun with the smallest power and the largest voltage can achieve an amazing 6 hours of battery life.

6. Noise

If you use a relatively good quality brushless motor on the fascia gun, it will bring you a relatively quiet experience and control the noise problem below 50 decibels.

For other options, for example, to see if the massage gun has a heat dissipation outlet, because the massage gun without a heat dissipation outlet is easily damaged, and whether the gun body is made of alloy material, it is completely considered from the perspective of heat dissipation, sound insulation and durability. Necessary. The last is the number of massage heads. The massage heads of Ramalax massage gun are equipped with more than 6 to meet the relaxation of different parts.

Pay attention when using the fascia gun

  • The fascia gun is used to relax muscles, so places like bones such as elbows, knees, head and back of hands. We cannot use the fascia gun to relax.
  • Places like our neck with large arteries, such as those under the armpits and our abdominal cavity, which are very close to the organ blood vessels, it is not recommended that you use a massage gun to hit.
  • The use time of the massage gun is not as long as possible. It is recommended that you usually use it for about 10 minutes.
  • There are a lot of people on the Internet teaching how to use a power drill to modify a massage gun. Personally, I disagree very much, because the use scenarios of the massage gun and the electric drill are different. You have no way to guarantee the safety of this manual version of the massage gun you modified, and there is no way to get such a security guarantee. The hidden danger of this is very, very big.

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