how to use massage gun heads

how to use massage gun heads

Massage guns are becoming more and more popular in sports circles, and indeed have a role in relaxing sports. The use of the fascia gun seems very simple, just hit the body and muscles. But this is not the case. There are many precautions for the use of fascia guns. Sometimes, improper use may even be dangerous.

Modern people have a lot of work and life stress, and often have pain in sitting in the office for a long time, or feel tight muscles after exercising. At this time, if the cost of finding a manual massage is too high, but the roller or massage ball is not in place, the electric fascia massage gun has become a hot new artifact of the whole network. There are many types of massage guns on the market, how to choose? And use the electric massage gun correctly? Now let me explain in detail.

When you come to the gym, you will often see someone using a massage roller after the exercise. Through their own weight and the uneven texture of the roller, they can achieve the effect of soothing the muscle fascia. The electric massage gun uses lithium power, which can achieve faster and more labor-saving features, but users must have a certain understanding of muscles and pain before using.

Any exercise or muscle training will exert a certain degree of pressure and slight damage on the body, and become stronger after the self-repair. But it can also cause pain in the sports area according to the intensity of the exercise and in time.This kind of pain is a symptom that can’t be relieved by general exercise. Because these fascial pain points are like knotted rubber bands, they must be relieved through the fascia relaxation method, which is the method used in the past with rollers and massage balls , And now it is more able to assist with soothing with electric massage guns.

How the massage gun works

The muscles have a certain thickness. Generally, the force of freehand massage can only reach the surface of the muscle. The massage gun uses electricity to reciprocate and vibrate through the motor to generate a higher amplitude frequency or number of beats to transmit the force to the deeper muscles.

Because the effect of the massage gun is easier to penetrate the surface fascia and transfer the vibration to the inner muscles, it can replace human massage for a few minutes in a few minutes to achieve the effect of deep massage, and it can also relax tight muscles and loosen muscles. It adheres to the fascia and even passes to the deeper muscle fascia, eliminating muscle stiffness, pain and dysfunction caused by the limitation and damage of the fascia, resulting in a better relaxation effect.

Types of massage head

The massage head is the most important accessory of the electric massage gun. The user must replace the applicable massage head according to different painful parts in order to soothe without harming the human body. Generally speaking, when choosing a massage gun, at least choose the following four types of massage head products, so that it can be used without restrictions.

Spherical head: suitable for massaging muscles such as arms, waist, hips, thighs and calves.

Fork head: It is suitable for massaging neck, spine and Achilles tendon.

Tapered head: suitable for impacting deep tissues such as meridians, joints, palms, soles of feet.

Flat head: suitable for relaxing and shaping all muscles.

Bubble head: suitable for body relaxation.

The use of the fascia gun is contraindicated

1.Do not hit the joints

The joints of the body are important and sensitive parts. The fascia gun is mainly used to relax the muscles and soft tissues. It is useless to hit the joints, and it is easy to cause joint damage. After all, it is a collision of hard places and no cushion.

2.Not suitable for certain parts

Vital parts of the body such as the head, thinner muscles such as the armpits and lower abdomen, and vital organs and aorta such as the waist fossa and neck These locations should not be impacted by a fascia gun.

3.It is not that the longer the time, the stronger the better

It is advisable to use the same part multiple times for a total duration of 3-5 minutes, and to swim in different positions according to muscle texture. Generally, it is not necessary to apply excessive external pressure, and the soreness should be maintained at 6-8 points.

4.Use a good quality fascia gun

There are a lot of imitation, modified, and even copycat fascia guns in the fascia gun market. Because of its vibration frequency and lack of protection mechanism, it is easy to cause damage, and even severe cardiac arrest and shock. There are also use hazards such as explosions caused by the use of inferior motors and batteries.

5.Follow professional guidance

For people with physical illnesses or previous injuries, a doctor, rehabilitation therapist, or coach should be consulted.

Body parts that are not impacted by a fascia gun should not be used.


The head contains the facial features and brain, as well as various acupuncture points. These are crisp and sensitive positions, which are vital parts for humans. What’s more, besides protecting the bones of the head, there are not too thick muscles and fascia to relax. Therefore, it is forbidden to hit the head with a fascia gun.

2.Neck side

Blood vessels and nerves are widely distributed at this location, and the carotid sinus is at this location. It is relatively superficial and is very sensitive to external mechanical compression. A little carelessness can produce cardiovascular reflexes, which can lead to insufficient or interrupted blood supply to the brain. Individuals can even experience extreme cases such as fainting and cardiac arrest. In contrast, the relaxation method of pulling is more suitable for this part.

3.Medial clavicle

The shoulder is easily sore, and the fascia gun hits well. It is possible to hit from the position of the posterior trapezius muscle, but it cannot hit the position within the front clavicle. The muscle is thin at this location, and it is the channel through which the cervical spine emits the brachial plexus nerve, as well as a large artery.

4.Armpit and inner arm

This is an important location of the brachial plexus, there are many nerve tissues, and it is also relatively weak and sensitive.

5.The knee and its surroundings

The knee is the most prone to sports injuries, but it is not recommended to use a fascia gun to hit the knee and its surroundings. There is a common peroneal nerve around the small head of the lateral fibula of the knee joint. The location of the posterior fossa of the knee, including the popliteal artery, tibial nerve, and common peroneal nerve, pass from this position.

The correct use of the fascia gun.

1.Follow the texture and direction of the muscles

It is recommended to look for some texture maps of muscles on the Internet and follow the overall trend. For example, in general, the chest muscles are horizontal and the leg muscles are vertical.

2.Appropriate force

Note that there is no need to use force, use the fascia gun head to hold the muscle position, and enhance the penetration and massage effects through resonance.

3.Move slowly

Don’t hit in the same position for too long, move slowly and take a certain amount of thrust.

How to choose a massage head?

Choose the right massage head for different positions.General fascia guns are equipped with different massage heads.

1.Air compression soft head

This head is a massage head newly equipped with Remalax massage gun, and is also an innovative massage head on the market. It has a soft design similar to a spring, with a hollow inside and air circulation. This head cushioning effect is obvious, it is easier to form muscle resonance, the effect is soft and comfortable, especially for the relaxation of soft tissues and sensitive muscle groups, such as shoulder and neck position, abdomen, etc. It is also the first choice for the elderly and children.

2.Big round head

The inside is hollow, soft, and has a large area of action. It is suitable for the relaxation of muscle groups throughout the body. Home massage is also a good choice.

3.Small round head

The area of action is relatively small and the pressure is greater. It is suitable for the relaxation of large muscle groups, such as the pectoralis major muscles and buttocks muscles.

4.Flat head

The texture is hard and the force feedback is strong. It is suitable for people with a certain fitness foundation.

5. bullet

Point massage, instead of finger massage, acts on the location of the pain point, stays no longer than 15 seconds, and has a strong force. It is best to use it under the guidance of a coach and other professionals.

6.Spine head

Also called a U-shaped head, it is specifically aimed at the muscles on both sides of the spine and the Achilles tendon of the lower leg, avoiding sensitive positions that are likely to cause danger, and relaxing the muscles on both sides.

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