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V2.0 Professional Muscle Massage Gun - Handheld Deep Tissue Massager, Percussion Muscle Device Relieve Muscle Soreness and Stiffness

V2.0 Professional Muscle Massage Gun - Handheld Deep Tissue Massager, Percussion Muscle Device Relieve Muscle Soreness and Stiffness

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  • Deep Tissue Muscle Massage
  • Fast, effective release of tightness, knots & spasms
  • Accelerated muscle activation & recovery
  • Instant, natural pain relief
  • Anti-drop Shell with Breakthrough Technology
  • 30 Speeds: 400 to 3300 percussions per minute
Most powerful muscle treatment
Enhances performance and recovery
Helps naturally soothe pain


  • deeply relax muscles: the massage message gun has strong and powerful high-frequency vibration stimulation and can penetrate deep fascia. while combing tendon nodules to prevent muscle adhesion, it can relax tight and stiff muscle tissue. greatly reduce the pain and discomfort after exercise, regain muscle vitality, and drive away fatigue from the inside out.
  • 20 speed adjutable & 6 message heads: the message gun supports 1200-3300 beats per minute and it has 20 vibration modes to adjust. whether it's muscle relaxation after exercise or daily body massage, you can find the amplitude that suits you. to provide users with a more comfortable experience, muscle massager provides 6 matching massage heads for different parts according to the force characteristics of the body muscles, user can change massage head as needed.
  • quiet and easily handheld: massage gun uses a brushless noise reduction motor equipped with a new generation of noise reduction technology to control the noise within 45 decibels. immerse your body and mind in the silence and enjoy the moment of quiet relaxation. in addition, the muscle massager weighs only about 2kg, which makes it easy to hold without burden.
  • sensitive lcd touch screen: muscle massager has a high-definition lcd touch screen, which can accurately display the gear, time and switch. sensitive touch keys allow you to adjust gears faster by pressing '+' or ' -'. you can directly see the remaining power through the screen then you can charge the massager in time.
  • long battery life: percussion massager uses 6 fast-charging lithium batteries, just to give you longer lasting companionship. life time is up to 7-8 hours when activated in the daily 1-speed muscle mode, providing continuous and stable power. it only takes -3 hours to charge every time for a free and deep massage experience.
  • Tips: Please do not turn on the power when charging. Be sure to massage gun must be turned off the power when charging.This will protect the battery. It is easy to cause the guard plate to short-circuit and also reduce the protection life of the guard plate if charging on power-up because of large current. It is also recommended not to charge the battery when all the power is used up. You can turn it off and charge it when there is only 20% power left. This is the best way to protect the battery. Moreover,to ensure battery safety,our special massage guns are firmly used our provided charger .Please do not use other chargers . Please remember above, in case of improper use, cause the battery guard plate to short circuit. It is not our responsibility to cause battery problem if because of your improper use. Thank you for your cooperation.

Package Included

  • 1 * Muscle Massager
  • 6 * Replaceable Massage Head
  • 1 * Charger
  • 1 * Instruction Manual
  • 1 * Storage Box

Benefits of massage guns

Speeds Up Recovery

Release Knots

Increases Blood Flow

Clears Lactic Acid

Breaks Up Scar Tissue

Increases Range of Motion

30 Days Money Back

1 Year Warranty

Free Shipping

  • Customer Reviews(9)
Great Product
By Daphne M. Bowers On 12/01/2020Verified Purchase
I have been looking for something like this for awhile. My therapist used one similar to this one and I loved when they would use it on me because it helped relieve some pain. All the reviews for this product were great so I decided to order it. I'm so HAPPY I did! I use this for my lower back and neck area, after 3 surgeries on my lower back it helps relieve some of the pain I have as pain killers do the rest. It also helps break up scar tissue for me. My husband uses this on his arms and hamstring area and it has helped him tremendously!
The massage tool we all need.
By Pengchon On 11/28/2020Verified Purchase
So many great things I would love to say about this gun massager. I love how long the battery lasted. I've been using this everyday for a week and the battery still going well. It comes with different shapes to massage different part of our muscles and body. Thanks to this tool, I was able to keep my muscles relax through out the days. Im a person that stresses easily, especially on the neck and shoulder. By massaging myself I manage to prevent migraines and shoulder aches.
Helped relieve stiffness in back
By shopper On 11/27/2020Verified Purchase
This came at a perfect time, my husband was in a lot of pain in his back and had stiffness and this saved him..the different massage heads r a great addition for diff types of areas needed. He’s already telling about it and recommending it to his family.
Easy to use and feels good.
By mariana solano On 11/24/2020Verified Purchase
It is a compact massager and does not take a lot of space to storage. The case Inside comes with compartments for each head. I love that is wireless so you can be anywhere to do a massage. It also has several pulse settings. The screen has a blue bright light that is easy to read.
Surprise it works and help!
By YaoMin Kao On 11/23/2020Verified Purchase
Start to pick up running exercise, which did bring in lot of muscle pain and sour, kind of wondering this kind of tool really can help or have enough power. And surprisingly with 6 different massage heads, perfectly help to relief different area of leg muscle pain. I even try to massage the deep tissue muscle with very hard push, the gun did slow down first then it scenes the need of power, and kick into power mode with proper speed to do its job!!
Necessary Purchase for Everyone!
By Michelle On 11/20/2020Verified Purchase
I have only had the massage gun for a few days, but I can already admit that it has changed my life. I workout a lot and consistently have sore muscles. I also suffer from ongoing glute and hip pain that stretching doesn't seem to help. This massage gun has really helped to loosen my muscles and ease some of the pain that I have. Even my husband saw some relief from his lower back pain after using the gun.
Extremely Useful, Great for Pain relief
By Abbas On 11/19/2020Verified Purchase
The Product has unique heads for different parts of the body. That was super beneficial when it came to the varying problems in my household. Every part gets used by someone. The speed gets to about 3200 rpm which is ridiculously fast. The sound of the motor is not too bad. It can get pretty loud but for 3200 rpm it is worth it. The battery life is pretty long I usually forget the last time it has been charged because it lasts pretty long. The power level is visible so you always know when you need to charge.
Good product at a reasonable cost.
By Oscar Alvarez On 11/17/2020Verified Purchase
I can say that it definitely met my expectations. I use it about 3 time a week and it soothes any ached I have have. It has plenty of speed levels to set it to your liking. Usually something like this becomes a novelty after time but I actually keep it charged up so that I use it after work outs or when i'm done playing softball. The wife and kids tend to steal it from me as well... I'm glad I chose this company because so far I have not had any issues with the gun and like I said, I use it pretty often.
Perfect for busy lives!
By DeLea On 11/15/2020Verified Purchase
I am a super busy mom-nurse, which means I am on my feet constantly and the stress of life sits on my shoulders, but this massage gun is perfect! It is one of the best investments I have made! The quality is beyond perfect for the price. It’s 6 different attachments are so easy to change and offers different types of massages. Another plus is you can set your own intensity level so if you need your massage deeper that day you don’t need a different machine! Ever since it showed up is been used by everyone uses it in my house.
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